[photo] I am…

This is my very first time participating in a photo meme of any kind. I was nervous for a lot of reasons, but more compelled to confront that fear than to hide behind it.

So for anyone who thought this blog was SFW, well, it never really was, but now I have the images to prove it.


I am…

… awesome
… balanced
… chameleonic
… driven
… emotional
… fierce
… goddess
… her
… inspiring
… kinkyish
… loving
… mysterious
… noble
… outrageous
… powerful
… Queen
… raw
… surviving
… thankful
… unassuming
… vivacious
… witchy
… yearning
… zealous

I am here.

And here I lie.
Stroke these lips for all the other sinful goodness this week.

21 thoughts on “[photo] I am…

  1. Fabulous! The shapes created by the shadows are awesome and and very hot angle/pose, stretched out before the viewer.

  2. I love this image – especially the cropped version. Your hand says so much! And it’s an impressive list too. Glorious in your multifacets.
    Missy x

  3. Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do encourage people to take a bit of time each week and comment on other peoples work as it helps to create an environment where people feel encouraged and safe to share. I hope you will feel the same about it too.
    As for your image, it is beautiful, you are beautiful. I love your A – Z and may I also say you have beautiful breasts


    1. It’s a long/holiday weekend for me so it’s been a weird case of checking in, after long periods of not checking notifications at all…

      1. The community response has been overwhelmingly welcoming.

      2. Thought it’s a little overwhelming, it’s also hugely encouraging to carry on/maintain engagement with that community in return.

      Thank you for running this meme so all of these feels were possible in the first place!


      P.S. thank you, I grew these breasts myself.

  4. This may be the best first photo meme I’ve seen! A glorious reveal in image and text! Well done, look forward to more!

  5. I like this word chameleonic. I shall use it henceforth. You have a killer body, and it’s so exciting to have you here on Sinful Sunday! Welcome. <3

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