Call For Submissions

Open Call for Submissions:

Come and join the Bellesa family!

One of my favourite things to do is collaborate with other sex-positive creators.

As the Queen of Smut at Bellesa (NSFW), I have the privilege of being charged with finding talented erotic storytellers to feature in Bellesa’s ever-growing erotica library and welcome into our family of smutty wordsmiths.

Whether you’re an established erotica author, trying your hand at weaving a steamy story together for the very first time, or somewhere in between, I’d love to hear from you!

Bellesa was built on a foundation of female sexual empowerment and continues to grow with the intention of creating a safe and accessible platform for all people to discover, explore, reclaim, own, love themselves as sexual beings. To do that, we will always need YOU.

This is an open call to all sex-positive people. To my trans and nonbinary friends. To my friends who are gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, and any other shade of queer. To my friends of color. To my Indigenous and two-spirit friends. To my friends living with a chronic disability or illness.

Each and every one of your voices and stories is critical to the mosaic of our collective narrative. Musings on human sexuality, what we desire, and how we stoke those fantasies should reflect each and everyone one of us.

These are just a few of the reasons I hope to hear from you soon.

For full submission guidelines, click here.

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