Meet Me

Who am I?

Well, that’s a pretty deep existential question that instills all kinds of roiling dread. But I’ll do my best to break it down in an introductory way.

For the purposes of this blog, my name is Jayne Renault. Jayne is the headmistress of the many alter egos who live in the sole vessel of this single 20-something lady whose fingers we use to type for us. We reside in Montreal, Canada for now.

I identify as a long-winded wordsmith. I am a sex-positive cis bi femme smutty storyteller, erotica author, and editor. In my current role as the Editor of Erotic Stories and overall Smut Queen over at Bellesa (NSFW!), and a proud member of the Sisters in Smut, I get to switch between all of these sexy caps on a daily basis, which in many ways, is a wet dream come true.

I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pen. Before I even knew how to form the letters properly, I was collecting and documenting human stories. I fancied myself a future spy or a private detective, so I would hide behind the sofa and write down everything my parents and their guests said at dinner parties and turned them into readable reports of sorts for myself to review after the fact. My late grandfather always believed I’d make something of myself with my words long before I believed it myself… I’m not sure how he’d feel about the sexy nature of it, but here we are.

(That same grandfather always said: “It’s good to be the queen.” Truer words, Grandpa…)

I didn’t go on to become a spy (if I did, I wouldn’t tell you anyways), but between my habit of reading as voraciously as one can and my practice of observing the people around me, I unknowingly laid the foundations of my career as a writer. (The erotica came in a little bit later.)

I’ve been comfortably in touch with my sexuality almost as far back as I can remember. I don’t remember my first orgasm; I’d been touching myself contentedly and often for years before it happened. I had a solid foundation of self-exploration before I invited a partner into the mix and my early partner experiences were nothing short of idyllic, based on a foundation of trust and communication. I will be forever grateful to my first partner for the safe place we shared while I learned more about myself as a sexual being, and we learned together what it could mean to be sexual partners.

Since then, things have blossomed exponentially and thankfully show no sign of letting up. This blog was conceived as a means to document and help serve me (and maybe you too!) in my continued exploration of myself as a sexual being (and budding exhibitionist?), to expand the possibilities of my smut creation, to share my thoughts on things that I have some feels about, to connect with others on their own journeys, and to celebrate human sexuality in whatever way it manifests from one day to the next.

For now, I write intimate fiction (sometimes erotic; always sexy) that tends to feature self-assured bisexual female babes, unabashed reclamation of power (sexual and otherwise), discovery and transition (literal and metaphorical), infidelity and scandalous forbidden relationships, and just a dash of dark magic. I’ve also been known to write the odd long-winded think piece or tongue-in-cheek rant about the feelings that come up along the way.

I’m so stoked to have you come (heh…) on this sexy adventure with me.
Let the good times (and the many, many orgasms) roll!


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