[photo] there are still no words

It’s been three weeks since I’ve written anything more than rambling half-baked thoughts about how I’m not writing.

Instead, I lurk here in the shadows, contemplating the way the light hits my most intimate corners; how the southern sun soothes my soul yet steadies my mind almost too well.

I’m cracked wide open, vulnerable. The thoughts could grow pregnant with creativity at any point.

Any moment now…

But I have yet to give birth to an idea.

I suppose all there is to do is simply bask in the process.

Stroke these lips for all the other sinful goodness this week.

13 thoughts on “[photo] there are still no words

  1. You have a beautiful body and the light and shade really enhances your form, I understand about the words dissipating and hope you find each other again soon xx

  2. The light in this is amazing, the way of plays across your body and highlights the curve of your breasts and hip is stunning


  3. WOW… I simply cannot stop looking at your beautiful body!!! Your image is a sultry composition of form, texture, light, and shadows….super sexy, very inviting, and quite irresistible!! If ever there was a photo that made me want to reach out and touch the subject… THIS is it!!
    You are gorgeous !!!!

  4. As others have said, great use of texture and light. Like Krystal said, makes me want to reach out and touch the subject. And wow to those amazing nipples.

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