[photo] stay-at-home siren

she sings through her chores
and then lies in wait until
they knock at her door

alternatively: a domesticated demon queen
Stroke these lips for  all the other sinful goodness this week.

13 thoughts on “[photo] stay-at-home siren

  1. Wowee!! What a gorgeous image! Super sexy! I really want to say something constructive about the photography, but I don’t know those things. I just know about what looks hot and this is it! 😉

  2. Enjoying the ‘arty’ feel to these two shots, b/w and grainy with loads of lovely shadows which make it possible to imagine that you might have a mermaid’s tail in the second.

  3. A lovely relaxed and natural pose Jayne. The triangular shape between your arm and body lends so much strength to the image. It goes almost without saying that you look incredibly sexy. As Elliott said above – Oh!!!

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