[photo] lazy bum

I’ve been thinking about this since Eroticon when Floss gave us some timeless wisdom:

“Bums are brilliant. If in doubt, photograph your arse.”

Then I sat in on Exposing40‘s session on sexy photography where she elucidated on that sentiment even further. I was inspired! At the time, anyways.

Because since I started exploring myself through the lens, I’ve still not really given my own bum much loving. There are a few reasons for this.

First, I’m still learning how to work my angles. Second, I find it easier to capture my front because, well… I’m just more familiar with it; I see it way more often in my daily life. Third, I’m a little self-conscious about the minor ongoing skin issues that result in blemishes and marks on my otherwise pretty cute cheeks.

But today, I caught a glimpse of myself from a different angle in the big mirror in my living room — I’d kicked off my sweat pants because they were restricting my dance moves while I was vacuuming so I was just in my comfy undies — and thought: “Huh. Bums ARE brilliant. Mine included.”

So I turned off the vacuum and snapped a few cheeky shots. And you know what? I found that I really like what’s going on back there today.

This one was my favourite.


close up on jayne's bum in grey boyish underwear

Stroke these lips for all the other sinful goodness this week.


9 thoughts on “[photo] lazy bum

      1. Oh yeah, we’ll be rockin’ out! I cannot wait! Also, you’re not the ‘lazy’ bum. I am. I’ve been stuck in this damn chair all day. *whine*

  1. That’s a great photo of a great bum!

    I don’t see anything lazy about it, though. (And it appears that it does house calls. Lucky Mischa*.)

    Triffo photo! And excellent bum!

    * I guess when a bum goes visiting, it’s a booty call.

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