[photo] Jayne’s first boobday

I’ve been meaning to get in on this action for a while, but I admit that I’d been nervous about hopping in for a while…

But between having dipped my toes in with a couple of Sinful Sunday posts in the past few months and then jumping enthusiastically at the chance to join in on the group #Boobday-inspired photo shoot at Eroticon over the weekend, I think I’m ready to go all in.

I actually took this shot right before Eroticon. I wasn’t feeling particularly sexy that evening, but a lover gave me a virtual nudge to share who I was in that moment. I’m glad they did because the results gave me an instant boost that I rode all the way to London and beyond.

Oh, and big thanks to Hy, for giving us the permission and the space to own ourselves like this.

shadowy shot of Jayne's torso, naked but for a black choker with a dangling crystal pendant

For more Boobday action in the community, give the icon a little poke.


12 thoughts on “[photo] Jayne’s first boobday

  1. My first one since coming back and I have been out of the world for almost 8 years.. Beautiful choice! I love how it is a tease, just enough to keep people coming back..you know like me

  2. Very sensual pic. How was your trip to New York City? Will you be writing about that visit.

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