a smut queen’s first post

Here it is. I’m finally doing it. I’m releasing my first ever blog post to the world.

I imagine you’re already seated, so get comfortable, take my hand and let’s go on a virtual adventure together.

I’d been putting on off this endeavour for literal years now because I was perpetually caught up in that oh-so-common writer state of self-doubt:

What am I doing?
Who am I to think that my words have any value?
So many others have already said everything better than I ever could…
No one is going to notice my drop in the bucket anyways…
So, what’s the point in trying?

Then I spent the weekend at my first Eroticon and realized (or remembered?) how uniquely powerful my words truly can be.

So here we are. Welcome to my plunge into the deeper levels of self-discovery, sexual exploration, and smutty goodness.


What do you think of that?

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