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Musings of a Smut Queen


Here you’ll find links to all of the erotica and sexy fiction that I’ve written to (some semblance of) completion to date. Most of them are found exclusively on Bellesa, though now that this blog space exists, there is even more possibility for the length, style, and intensity of lurid tales that might pour from my fingers to your eyes.

I have broken them down into the over-arching categories and made notes on the content wherever I felt it might be relevant. Enjoy!

Short and Flashy:

Chain-Linked Heartstrings (Masturbation Monday: Week 203)
Feet Are the Window to the Sole (Masturbation Monday: Week 205)
Can Never Change Her Stripes (Masturbation Monday: Week 206)
A Piercing Presence (Masturbation Monday: Week 208)
A Little Thank You Note (Masturbation Monday: Week 210)
First Rites (Masturbation Monday: Week 222)

A-Mused (Friday Flash: No. 18)
The Fly on the Wall (Friday Flash: No. 17)

The Sea/Ocean: Coming Clean
Sex Workers: Driving Me Crazy

Decease to Exist (Prompt #335: Cemetery)
Letting Go (Prompt #337: Control)


Conservation Area
Making Space


Come See, Come Saw (lowkey orgasm denial)
Compliance Risk (Part 1)
Compliance Risk (Part 2) (infidelity, no sex)
Compliance Risk (Part 3) (infidelity, recreational drug use)
Condemned Desire (semi-public)
Devotee (semi-public)
Diamonds and Pearls (Part 1)

Diamonds and Pearls (Part 2) 
The Edge of Glory
 (glory holes with a twist)
Expressions of Grief (post-death mourning)
For Dommestic Use Only (Part 1) (infidelity, femdom)
For Dommestic Use Only (Part 2) (infidelity, femdom)
Girl Talk (semi-public)
Hey, Babe. (vengeance)
Just Dessert (semi-public, eating out)
Up Top
Strangers on a Train (semi-public, eating out)


Comings and Goings
Summer Heat

Genderless Narrator:

Lucky Shot

Group Play:

The Birthday Bash (f/f/m)
Chicago Rare (Part 1) (f/f/m)
Chicago Rare (Part 2) (f/f/m)
The Slap Bet (Part 1) (f/m/m)
The Slap Bet (Part 2) (f/m/m)
The Slap Bet (Part 3) (f/m/m)
The Slap Bet (Part 4) (f/m/m)


Bangkok Buzz (f/m, f/f, recreational drug use)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Sexy, but without the sex:

Gone Ashore
Just For Kicks (Part 1)
Just For Kicks (Part 2)
Just For Kicks (Part 3)

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