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[story] coming home

“Did you miss us?”

It was the third time Jacob had asked, but Maddie still barely made out his words. She was lip-locked with Regan, who was rubbing Maddie’s clit through the comedown of yet another orgasm.

Jacob’s rhythm didn’t waver. He kept thrusting into Maddie as he asked again. “Did you miss being between us?”

Yes, Maddie had missed both Regan and Jacob very much. It had been over a month since the last time they’d come together and now she was high on bliss, laying in a puddle of her juices soaking the fresh sheets, thanks to them. Yet, being the brat that she was sometimes, what she said was, “Mmmmaybe… I’m not sure.”

Jacob scoffed. “Did you hear that, Regan? Maddie’s not sure if she missed us.”

Regan’s laugh was somewhere between a cackle and a purr. “Well, Jacob, maybe it’s because you’re not fucking her hard enough,” she said as she added another dollop of lube to her hand.

Maddie shivered and smiled at the chill of Regan’s fingers finding their way back to her.

Jacob raised Maddie’s leg up and pumped harder into her, pushing her deeper into the mattress. Regan’s hand was moving so fast and just the right pressure now that it cancelled out how long fingernails pinched on every fourth or fifth stroke and impossibly, another wave crested deep inside Maddie.

“Oh, fuuuuuck, I’m gonna c—”

Maddie’s words were cut short by Regan clamping down on her throat. Only when she went limp from falling to the other side of the orgasm, which didn’t quite release in her body but blanked out her mind, did Regan let her go.

“Maddie, look at me,” Jacob demanded. Maddie laboured to open her come-drunk eyes and find Jacob’s gaze. When she did, she watched his face melt in arousal and admiration. “Fuck… You are so pretty,” was all he was able to say in the moment just before sinking down to devour her mouth once more.

When he pulled back, he whispered “Kiss her,” to his wife. He groaned in approval when she did.

Maddie held Regan’s hair like it was the only thing keeping her tethered to reality.

“Shove over,” Regan said, pushing Jacob aside. “It’s my turn.”

Regan positioned herself between Maddie’s spread leg and inserted one, then two lubed fingers inside Maddie. Her fingers may not have had the same reach as Jacob’s but then again, everything about her touch was different. She dug her fingers in, slowly, deeply, and twisted through the entirety of the thrust, grinding her knuckles into every wall, every edge.

“I really don’t understand why this feels so good,” Maddie said between moans.

“Because you missed us,” Regan cooed. “And because I’m learning what you like. Did you play with any of the toys while we were gone like I asked?”

Maddie flashed back an image of her solo session in their bed a few days prior when she had come by to collect the mail and feed the pets. “Hmmmmmaybe…”

“That sounds like a yes to me,” Jacob said, noting Maddie’s coy grin. “Why didn’t you take any pictures?”


In fact, she had taken pictures. She told herself that she was going to wait until they were back in town to share them. But the truth of the matter was that was shy. And was still coming to terms with how much, how fully this pair really seemed to love her.

Maddie missed a question again. She was distracted by Regan’s slow, deep, teasing thrusts.

“Which one did you use, Em?” Jacob repeated.

“Come on, Maddie,” Regan said, already reaching for the sizeable, girthy, purple dildo in the nightstand drawer. “Tell us.”

“Purple,” Maddie sputtered at the sudden absence of Regan’s hand.

Regan chuckled, said, “I knew it,” and drove the dildo in, stretching her even wider than Maddie remembered.

It’s good to come home.

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