14 Smutty Stories for February 14

The Feast of Saint Valentine. Vibrator Day. Singles Awareness Eve. The day that seven of Chicago’s North Side Gang were shot in cold blood in 1929.

Valentine’s Day.

For many, it’s an excuse to get a little extra canoodly (or kinky) with lovers and sexy playmates.

For the disgruntled TV trope of a hetero man, it’s the chore of obligatory doting on wives or girlfriends, and he only does so begrudgingly only because of the small chance he may receive a sexy thank you in return.

For members of the Lonely Hearts Club, it’s a gross reminder of how they don’t have anyone to force such silly mating and relationship rituals upon them.

For me this year, it’s going to be a day where I reunite with some of my favourite local people and enjoy a couple of pints while we drown each other in queerplatonic love.

Whatever the case may be, the 14th of February tends to evoke something for most of us. Though generally, it ends up being about love and sex; bringing attention to those who are having it, and those who aren’t.

I hope you’re in the neutral to positive camps when it comes (heh) to this day. If you’re not, well… you know what? I’m not going to validate any notions of Valentine’s Day bitterness some people might have because whether you’ve got a playmate to call on or you’re riding solo at the mo’, the best part of V-day is that it’s a reminder that it’s important to make time for all love – and that includes self-love! And that everyone deserves a little treat now and then.

So! Whether you plan on sharing the day with a favourite partner or two (or three or…), or keeping all the love to yourself, I urge you to spoil the one who matters most of all — YOU.

That’s why my Valentine’s Day gift to you is this nice little sampling tray of the treats stored in the Bellesa erotica library. Whatever mood you might find yourself in – from romance to vengeance, there’s sure to be something to suit your tastes.

1. The one with fateful connections, epic battles in the name of love and friendship, and ancient fantasy realms: ‘Blood Makes Noise’ by Anne Stagg

“I know I want you.” She shook off his hands and pulled the dress over her head. She was naked beneath and her nipples hardened into peaks as she plucked at them. “I know we belong to each other. Can’t you feel it?”

“I do. I feel it, believe me,” Quinn groaned…

2. The one with trio of sweet, babely lovers finding their groove with one another: ‘Table for Three’ by Lauren Emily

Still clad in her pearlescent lingerie, Lily knelt on the wood floor in front of Fleur’s chair and insisted, “Let me take care of you.” Stroking Fleur’s knees, her fingers gentle but confident, she separated Fleur’s legs. “Oh my,” Lily mused. “Just stockings today, hmm?”

3. The one about longtime partners exploring new, kinky things together in the bedroom: ‘Anniversary Night’ by Posy Churchgate

As I unwrapped and laid our new flogger alongside the paddle, the butterflies inside me were, by now, going wild.

Would I enjoy handing control over to my man?  

There was only one way to find out.

4. The one about a loving relationship with a heavy D/s dynamic that yields a lot of opportunity for the savoury punishment of a naughty, wanton slave: ‘The Consequences of Misbehavior’ by Eva Monroe

Laughing again, you shifted and propped yourself up a little higher.

“I think you need to punished, for being an impatient, ravenous little slut. Don’t you agree?” 

“Yes, I agree…”

“You agree that you…?”

“I agree that I need to be punished.”

5. The one about a young queer man’s first taste of sexual magic: ‘First Time’s a Charm’ by Timothy Bishop

He then began to touch my hard-on through the tight red briefs I wore, before kissing it from the outside and reaching around to tease my hole.

Never having experienced this type of intimacy with anyone before, let alone a more experienced guy who knew what he was doing, I moaned with abandon. Keith grinned, knowing that I was about to be shown the magical first time of my life.

6. The one about good friends realizing just how much they mean to each other: Fire Love: Simple and Real’ by Oya Calor


His tone was not one of awe, but of confirmation, knowing. Total eye contact. He had never shied away from that.

“If you go on another date with another lonely, horny, soulless boy, I will lose my mind. I’m the one you want.”

7. The one about a badass babe who certainly does not have time for that dang fuckboy anymore: ‘Hey, Babe.’ by Jayne Renault

“Don’t you say a fucking word until we’re done,” she said as her coat dropped to the floor.

She peeled the underlying silk wrap from her body to reveal the lace armor hiding beneath it. And with that, skilled huntress that she was, she pounced with brutal force, grabbing his face between her mighty paws, and devoured his mouth like she hadn’t fed in at least half an eternity.

8. The one about a couple who makes the best of some odd magic that, erm… comes between them on their anniversary hike to a mystical spring: ‘Jack n’ Jill’ by Wednesday Noir

“Will you kiss it for me?” Jill asked in a heated tone and wrapped her hand around her girth. Jack swallowed hard watching her stroke her shaft. “It’s so hard it hurts.”

Jack’s own cock twitched against the back of her knuckles, but his eyes didn’t move from watching her hand.

9. The one about a love that runs so timeless and deep, it lasts even longer than a lifetime and reaches beyond the veil: ‘Haunted Hearts: A Ghost Story’ by Rachel Woe

Rose switched off the lamp and then spread out on the bed and closed her eyes. Her heart pounded like horse hooves. Another draft swept across her skin, and the air began to feel weighted, warm and solid, until the distinct impression of a hand manifested on her cheek. 

“I feel you. Holy shit, I can feel you.”

Ethan caressed her face and neck, coming to rest above her heart. 

Rose arched her back. “Keep going.”

10. The one about a married couple opening themselves up to much more possibility, both for themselves and with each other: ‘When the Sheets Talk’ by Dr. J

After I had swirled my tongue on his erection, I peeked at Rafe. His head rested on the marble wall, and he appeared gratified.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours, Rafe?”

“Just thinking about you doing me, while Mara does you.”

“What exactly did you have in mind?” I gripped his erection and alternated my mouth with my hand. “Paint me a picture.”

11. The one about the woman who looks back fondly on her past AND realizes she’s got everything she needs to take care of herself now: ‘The Phone Booth’ by Tabitha Rayne

It was unbearable now. The booth thrummed with electricity and she could take it no more. Bella yanked her skirt up over her ass and exposed her cunt. Picking up the handset of the phone she pressed the hearing end to her cunt and rubbed hard. With the other hand, she reached down and around to push her fingers into her pussy from behind. 

12. The one about a longtime secret admirer and a love so unexpectedly deep and intense that it’s not a little… blinding:  ‘Tessa’s Secret Admirer’ by Elle Danielson

When the sensations began to subside, Tessa fell forward, resting her head next to his on the pillow. His arms closed around her. They were both sweaty and panting.

“I love you,” he whispered. Everything went utterly still in the aftermath of that declaration. Tessa could hear nothing except their breathing and heartbeats. “Fuck,” he muttered. “I said that out loud.”

She kissed him, running her fingers along his cheek. “I want you to love me,” she told him.

13. The one about a relationship that, even though she hasn’t quite figured it out how she feels about him yet, they can have a good, filthy time together while it lasts: ‘The Visitor’ by Bridget Bellecerise

He pauses in the middle of running his eyes across my exposed collarbone to say, “I was at a party. Good drinks, good company.” His amber eyes dip into my cleavage. “But I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Can I come in?” His eyes meet mine and I finally step back, dropping my towel so that it’s poised right above my nipples. 

“I like this,” I say, running my index finger and thumb over his lapel. “Why haven’t you worn it for me?”

14. The one about the unlikely meeting of a couple of compatible and kinky queer babes in an unlikely place: ‘Pinball Queen’ by Calliope Bloom

When she came back, she whispered in my ear, “Can I put my hand here?” I nodded and kept playing as she rested her hand on my hip.

“Here?” Her fingers traced the front of my waistband and then dipped below it to graze the skin just above my underwear. Slow, teasing caresses with just her fingertips. I shivered with pleasure. 

I looked over my shoulder nervously, scared of people seeing us, but she said, “My brothers taught me to box. None of these people will fuck with us.”

Happy Reading!

?J xx

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